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The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari Review – What we think

Book Name: The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: £8.90 (UK)/ $13.49 (USA)

Binge Travelling Rating: 4/5


If you haven’t read a self help book before, this is a good one to read. This book is great for those of us who appreciate life lessons through story, told through the troubles eyes of an overworked lawyer looking at his life and work life balance. It’s a book that grips you and encourages positive life style changes. Each chapter has useful lessons and actions to take. Taken seriously, and applied can lead to a positive change in your life.

From a personal point of view, this book is useful for anyone feeling a lack of motivation and confidence, and can provide that kick that you need whether that’s in your personal or professional life. From a self reflection perspective it is great. You do however need to apply the teachings in the book straight away as if you don’t the effects will be a temporary mental boost as opposed to a physical change that you effect.

In other words, however good the book – if you’re not prepared to apply the rules and stick to it, you can’t expect any results. This is a starter book to read in our opinion.


Clear actionable rules, which if actioned can affect positive changes in your life.

Promotes self confidence. Anyone suffering from a lack in self confidence will benefit from reading this book.

Written in story form, making it easy to read.


Temporary uplift feeling if lessons are not applied immediately as advised.

Consistent application (as with anything) is required for real results.

All in all if you take the decision to buy this book, before you buy it, commit the decision to make a change in your everyday life. If you do that, you will succeed, and this book certainly helps.


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