Freetoo Luggage Scale Review – A Portable way to avoid those extra pounds.

This  is our review of the Freetoo Luggage scale. Its easy to carry around, and really useful if you’re travelling somewhere far far away.

In Sri Lanka we wanted to buy a lot of paintings, a couple of statues, shoes, clothes – lets just say we got a bit carried away. Naturally this added weight to our luggage on our return leg so having the Freetoo Luggage scale  with us really helped.

We’ve been caught out a couple of times for being overweight (the luggage not us,ha) and we’ve tried to take sensible measures, however so far this scale has been effective for us. Any way the product description is below.

We’ve done a quick review as well as a more detailed one for those of you that like to really get down to the facts. We hope you like it. 🙂

Quick Review

Product: Freetoo Luggage Scale Review
Price: £7.59 (UK Retail)
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon
Warranty: 1 year
Maximum weight:50 kg
Accurate to 0.01 Kg
Binge Travelling rating: 4/5

Pros – Compact, very accurate readings, very easy to use and digital display is also helpful. 95% customer satisfaction from customer reviews

Cons – Although we have found it to be hard wearing, some reviews suggest otherwise, generally though as long as you don’t throw it around or stamp on it we think it’ll serve you well. Ours is still going strong.

Detailed Review

Here are some extra points on the weighing scale.

  • Up to 50 kg measurement capacities of deviation no more than 0.01kg.
  • Easy to read with 4 kinds of weight units(lb, g, ounce, kg), auto-lock and tare function
  • Light weight (only 90g) and small size allow you take it aside wherever you go.
  • Auto-off, overload and low battery warning included to preserve both time and energy
  • High quality and stylish design guarantee long time usage, ideal for home or travel us

Why buy a portable weighing scale?

Peace of mind. Luggage weight can be a burden on any one and with increased pressure on airlines to minimise costs, the pressure is inevitably passed on the consumer via things like luggage allowances to help them cut down on freight loads etc.

If your luggage is overweight you’re usually faced with the following three options:

1. Pay the surcharge to the airline for the extra weight
2. Wear your luggage and try to get it through hand luggage
3. Off load things you things you can do without

All of these are bad choices, especially when you’re just about to board your flight. It’s better to be prepared.

Why the Free too luggage  Scale?

If you’re travelling from the UK it can measure in kgs which is obviously useful but also can switch to other units too.
It’s lightweight so doesn’t add much to your journey.

It turns it’s self off to preserve battery power which is always good.

The choice is yours and whether you buy this product or not we would recommend you buying a scale of some sort as it’s just good sense.

6 thoughts on “Freetoo Luggage Scale Review – A Portable way to avoid those extra pounds.

  1. Great information on the scale game!
    I know this is something that I always worry about when me and my wife are flying. I am quite the light packer, but when it comes to my wife…well lets just say this may come in very handy!

    Thanks for the review, it was very insightful!

  2. Never thought of using a luggage scale but I can see where it would come in handy, especially when you have to pay extra for heavy luggage! great article and thanks for sharing

  3. I absolutely use a luggage scale when I travel! It helps to make sure I’m not over the weight limit. It’s frustrating, though, because I have to decide what not to bring!! The luggage scale I use works, but I always have to weigh it a few times, because it’s not totally accurate. I’ve been thinking about getting another one and this one looks interesting. Do you know if it’s sold in the U.S.? Could you explains how to use it? It looks like you might take the strap and put it through the luggage handle. Is that right?
    Thank you for this review!

    1. Hey Lynn, Thanks for reaching out. This particular scale doesn’t look like it’s sold in the the US. I’ve taken a look to check out an alternative and found one made my Tarriss which looks pretty good. Check out this link. It’s priced just under $15 but it’s got great reviews and has similar features. In terms of using it, you’ve got it exactly right, the strap you can put through any luggage handle – one side has a hook, where you loop it under the handle and re-attach to the scale. It’s super simple don’t worry. If you do end up purchasing the scale please let me know if you found it to be useful. Thanks again Lynn

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